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Browse below to read testimonials from our community in The Joy of Drawing Club. Our members range from beginning to advanced artists from all walks of life.

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I was a beginner when I started out, i thought “I don’t know how to draw anything” but Caroline teaches you how to look at things differently, it’s about the shape not just the object. You learn that in art everything you do is not going to be 100 percent flawless and for a lot of us it is difficult to unlearn those perfectionist traits! When you create you begin to understand that things can be imperfectly PERFECT!

- Sherry Pang, Joy of Drawing club member since 2019


“Katy and Caroline are so enthusiastic about what they do that it is infectious, yet, their attention to the small steps you need to master to grow more proficient are so helpful - especially for the beginner artist".

Karen Kotoske, Member since 2020


"When I look back at my sketchbooks and see where I started there is a huge difference in skill, but the biggest change is that I was hesitant to try things in the beginning - I was so judgmental about myself, and now I’ll just draw and create - no matter the medium.”

— Cheryl Branco,

Member since 2018


"I recommend the Joy of Drawing Club and Workshops for anyone that feels they struggle with drawing but loves art, they are the perfect candidate because with Caroline and Katy's encouragement and teaching skills they will soon get you over that mindset."

Melanie Boyd

Member since 2022

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