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Where Art Meets Community

Since 2018, The Joy of Drawing has been dedicated to bringing the art of drawing to communities of all ages and backgrounds, thus introducing them and giving them access to the therapeutic benefits of learning to draw. 


Our goals are mainly accomplished through our self published books, instructional videos and our proprietary lessons and workshops which we deliver both online and in person. These materials and lessons are designed for use by both traditional and digital artists of all levels. The Joy of Drawing organization also runs a membership program called the Joy of Drawing Club that has grown from 10 to over 100 members. 

Making Drawing 
Accessible To All

With your support we can continue providing free memberships to qualifying individuals.


We strongly believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of drawing and with your help we can continue making progress in this goal. 


Our Team

Caroline and Katy not only share their UK roots, they are also both graduates of art schools there, Caroline a Graduate of the University of Brighton Faculty of Fine Arts, and Katy from Winchester School of Art; both began drawing in early childhood as described in the introductory chapter to their first book, The Joy of Drawing Book One: Beginning Steps.

It was through teaching iPad Art classes that she established her now close friendship with Katy Lea, freshly arrived from the UK to settle in Silicon Valley with her husband and daughter; Katy had worked in a managerial capacity in both for profit and nonprofit arts and crafts institutions in London and the UK where she cemented her own passion for supporting artists and empowering others to create art.


Together they began inviting others to join them in their drawing expeditions and ‘art hikes’, this rapidly grew into their collaboration on their two Joy of Drawing books and accompanying instructional videos demonstrated in both traditional and digital media. 

Caroline Mustard

“We believe that drawing is an activity anyone can enjoy and a skill that anyone can master; demonstrated through our teaching books, activities and community events. The ‘Joy of Drawing’ approach not only teaches the skills of drawing like line, perspective and proportion but we also facilitate that creative connection that many of us are seeking."

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Katy Lea

“We build students’ confidences by guiding them step by step -  right from the very beginning in a safe and inclusive space. We stress the importance of the therapeutic value of creating art, similar to the social-emotional learning based model that many teachers adopt- we endeavor to empower adults to embrace lifelong learning that is critically important for strengthening cognitive health.”

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