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Let's draw a winter landscape with oil pastel inspired by MONET's beautiful painting, "Entrance  to Giverny Under Snow"


Join us on Zoom for this 2HR Live streamed Workshop, always recorded if you can't make the live!

What to Expect

  • We will learn about the use of color and light in Monet's winter landscapes and how he utilized a small color palette to achieve his atmospheric paintings.
  • We will get a chance to practice using oil pastels and create different textures and effects.
  • We will then create our own winter landscape drawing inspired by Monet.

NOTE: If. you prefer using soft pastels, water color or any other type of colored pencil or paint including the Procreate art app on your iPad, feel free!!!


Suggested Materials: 

We love Sennelier Oil Pastels and Caran d'Ache Oil Pastels but a basic set of oil pastels will suffice. Monet only used SEVEN colors throughout his artistic career and if you want to purchase those colors they are:

  • white,
  • cadmium
  • yellow light,
  • cadmium red light,
  • alizarin crimson (or magenta),
  • emerald green or any dark turquoise including viridian green cobalt blue and finally ultramarine blue. 

All these colors are available in Sennelier pastels.


Caroline will be using Toned Tan paper by Strathmore.  Make sure the paper you use is at least 80 lb.  If you plan on using a water soluble pastel like caran dache aquarelle then you will need to use a water color paper.

Learn from Monet - Live-streamed Workshop

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