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Learn to Draw

Our first teaching book The Joy of Drawing: A Beginner's Manual is now available at Kepler's Books and Magazines in Menlo Park or on Amazon. 80 pages packed with exercises that will give you small wins as you progress chapter by chapter from learning how to hold your pencil to being able to draw anything! Includes free access to our YouTube video demonstrations for each exercise (one series for traditional drawing and the other for digital) as well as a free downloadable workbook you can use for each exercise!

Get your copy today:

Meet us online!

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Free Intro to Drawing Workshop on Zoom

Come and draw with Caroline and Katy on the first Friday of every month at 11am PST. 

Digital design on a tablet

Do the exercises from our book on your iPad....

Use the QR codes provided in the book to access the digital versions of our YouTube video demonstrations done in the Procreate app of each exercise, chapter by chapter.

If you want to learn how to use Procreate - take our 'Intro to Procreate Course', taught by Caroline Mustard, in just 6 short video lessons you will learn everything you need to know about the Procreate App so you too can draw on your iPad and get amazing results!

Caroline Mustard is an expert in iPad art - Read an article all about her digital artwork in Punch Magazine Here.

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Hold a private drawing party!

Our Joy of Drawing House Parties are a way to introduce your friends or colleagues to the joy that comes with learning to draw, no matter how new they are to the subject. Our workshops are based on our mantra: No pressure, No judgement, Just joy!  


We are experienced in both private parties and corporate events -  teaching anyone from total beginners on up and our inclusive teaching style makes it a fun experience for all. We'll provide the materials.  All you need to do is invite your friends, set up any refreshments and sit back and experience the pure joy of learning to draw!

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"Katy and Caroline are so enthusiastic about what they do that it is infectious, yet, their attention to the small steps you need to master to grow more proficient are so helpful - especially for the beginner artist."

Karen Kotoske, Member since 2020


Thank you!
- Katy and Caroline

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